Screwlab 3.80

Cross-fade two songs with a delay interval and change the pitch individually
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Screwlab uses the technique called "chop and screw" that basically allows you to mix and record two songs (or the same song) and cross-fade them into another with a delay interval. It is also possible to change their pitch individually.

To do this you first need to add a song for the player A located at the left side of the main window and add another song for the player B located at the right side. There is also a feature that allows you to load the same song in both players automatically. After the songs have been loaded, you can play them and adjust the delay interval between them in seconds. Besides that, you can modify the next parameters for each player individually: volume, left and right channels, and pitch (synchronization rate). You can also play with the Crossfader to alternate the styles from one player to another and record the mix into an MP3 file.

Among other things, you can adjust the Master volume and the wave volume separately; select a sound card for each player, or select the same sound card for both the A and B players.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can modify the volume, left and right channels, and pitch for each player individually
  • You can record the mix into a MP3 file


  • Trial version can be used only for 14 days
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